Updates : Every Week / Two Weeks if no new material is available, or , or , now this is important ! , when i fell like it 🙂

About :   Basically this blog contains the seinen manga that i like and follow around the web ( I own Nothing ! ).

Seinen used to be a manga genre that was more hidden then the others , it was rarely translated because of the complexity of the art , but recently has become more mainstream ,which is good , but I think it can do better . I’m into all it’s flavors ( survival manga, mystery, psychological ,ecchi, sci-fi and drama ) as long as it’s well written , that is the only condition .

Some of my favorite manga are:

Nr 1  favorite : Eden: It’s an Endless World

Other manga that I’ve enjoyed and recommend : Parasyte , Bio-Meat:Nectar , I am a Hero ,Dorohedoro ,Vinland Saga , Oyasumi Punpun , Oboreru Knife , Nana to Kaoru , Aku no Hana , Evangelion and Cowboy Beebop , AND COUNTLESS OTHERS .

RomanceKimagure Orange Road , His and Her’s Circumstances  ( this 2 are my favorite romantic manga’s , I have read them countless times !)


Some things I like:

Favorite musician : Freddie Mercury and Queen

Favorite movie      : Fame

Favorite books      :Haruhi Murakami –South of the Border, West of the Sun

Orson Scott Card – Ender Saga

this 2 are the books of my childhood : ( sorry they are in Romanian ) – i wish sometimes that people around the world would speak Romanian , so they could understand how good this books are , and how magical they made my childhood .

Ludovic Roman -Racheta Alba ( White Rocket )

Constantin Chirita – Ciresarii


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