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Monday I Guess

Sorry about the longer delay , just noticed  some of the images in the oldest parts of my blog have completely disappeared  , I’m a bit angry … must fix some of that.

In more uplifting news , I’ll start a new page dedicated to interesting web-comics completed or ongoing , I think you’ll like it , so look forward to that ” wink ” .

Vinland Saga chp.116 online reader 

Tokyo Ghoul:re chp.29-30 online reader by Imperial Scans

Ballroom e Youkoso chp.9 online reader by odetosebastiana & syu-saki

One Punch Man chp.46.1-46.2 online reader by Nerieru-Scans

Marginal Operation chp. 4 online reader by /ak/ scanlations

Birdmen chp.11 online reader / dll by Jaimini’s~box~

Inuyashiki chp.32 online reader by Xpunkcion

Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare chp.5 online reader by Fire Sanctuary

Deathtopia chp.12-13 online reader by Substitute Scans

Tetsugaku Letra chp.20 online reader by Maigo

Domestic na Kanojo chp. online reader  by  Café con Lenin&Norway Scan

Gojikanme no Sensou chp.8 online reader / dll by Substitute Scans & Fallen Syndicate

Tsuyokute New Saga chp.16 online reader by /ak/ scanlations


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