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Rengoku no Karma

Rengoku no Karma [ NEW]  chp.1-2 online reader by Wakga  ( dropped by scanlator 😦 )

Makoto does not have it easy. He gets bullied in School and has problems with his father due to skipping School.

His outlook on life brightens when Kirisaki, a girl in his class, compliments his drawing skills. A while later he sees her getting harassed by the ringleader of his bullies. He decides to intervene, but is cut short by the revelation that she is the ringleaders girlfriend who incited the bullying in the first place.

Depressed by his situation Makoto decides to kill himself. He lands in purgatory, neither Heaven nor Hell with the mission to save the lives of six people, whose life will be negatively affected by his suicide…

His father, his bullies and Kirisaki.


3 thoughts on “Rengoku no Karma

  1. Katsu says:

    Hi there! question! any luck on getting on update for Devil Ecstasy? or was it dropped? i kinda really feel in love with this manga.. specially for the fact that ma Succubus fan! 😀

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