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Updates 11 November 2014


Beageruta chp.2 online reader / ddl by Kami Scans

Otoyomegatari chp.41 online reader / ddl  by Duralumin

Lucifer no Migite chp.4-5 online reader / ddl  by Lychee Scans

Gojikanme no Sensou chp.5 online reader / ddl by Substitute Scans & Fallen Syndicate

Akai Mi Hajiketa chp.4-7 online reader / ddl by Akito

Jinrou Game chp.5 online reader / ddl by Kawa Scans

Bocchiman chp.3 online reader / ddl by  `「」

Song of the Long March chp.39.1 online reader / ddl  by Easy Going Scans & penguinsinthebasement

Azumi chp.73 online reader /  by HappyScans! & Guren no Heya Kara


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