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Doubutsu no Kuni

One day a tanuki named Monoko stumbles across a baby abandoned by it’s mother. Having no family of her own, she raises the baby to the best of her ability even though they originate from different species. Hardships and enemies face the tanukis but that doesn’t stop Monoko protecting the baby at all costs. Many trials await this baby as it grows and communicates with the animal world.

Doubustu no Kuni  chp.1-49 + online reader by Hi Wa Mata Noboru

It starts so silly, a comedy manga about a human baby raised by animals, but it’s so much more , the story evolves into a superb action packed sci-fi , filled with philosophical questions about life, hope , tragedy and death, basically man’s ongoing battle with nature, trying to conquer it and at the same time to live along side it in harmony.

The art is a bit rough in the beginning, as well as the characters appearances , but give it some time it will grow on you , also the real story doesn’t begin until chapter 20, so have patience.


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