That time of the week again


Boys on the Run hp.88-91 online reader by DANIEL.AU

Oh Tanishi “he who runs after two rabbits” , it think he, like some of us, when we finally manage to get everything under control and be happy , we manage to screw everything up just because we can’t decide , dammit and he was so close to happiness , screw you Chiharu or not ….

Aku no Hana chp.51 online reader by 4chan

Kasuga-kun despite being so utterly unappealing has the amazing ability of screwing with the minds of even the most equilibrated individuals, it’s amazing…

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai chp.35 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

This is one of the saddest chapter of any manga that i have ever read, after all that fighting and worries , she finally manages to save him , and she can only have him for five hours , oh the sadness that awaits her when she will wake up ….

OnePunch Man chp.30 online reader by Nerieru-Scans

Ajin chp.9 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs & Psylocke Scans

Yuureitou chp.34 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

Shimauma chp.5.1-6.1 online reader by Banchou

Vinland Saga chp.99 online reader by 4chan

Azumi chp.15-16 online reader by Guren no Heya Kara & HappyScans!

Inherit the Stars chp.7-8 online reader by Illuminati-Manga

Immortal Hounds chp.3 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Rin chp.12 online reader by ryColaa

Golondrina chp.13 online reader by A Miserable Pile of Scanlations

Kyuusen no Shima chp.2-4 online reader by Rapeman Scans

Saiteihen no Otoko chp.4 online reader by Shitbread Scans

Scientia chp.3-7 online reader by Illuminati-Manga

Kakukaku Shikajika chp.3-5 online reader by  Hachimitsu Scans

Tokyo Kushu chp.22-23 online reader by Twisted Hel Scans

Nejimaki Kagyu chp.10 online reader by MangaUnlimited

Montage chp.11 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Sweet Poolside chp.2-7 (end) online reader by Utopia & Kami Scans

Devil Ecstasy (NSFW) chp.4-8 online reader by [NEET]

Afterschool War Activities chp.33-35 online reader by Supreme Cream Scanlations

They say that “ War is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror” and this manga lives by those words .


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