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and the stars look very different today


Aku no Hana chp.49 online reader  by Mangatopia & Futari wa Pretty Anon

Kasuga meets Kinoshita at the funeral ( the girl that threatened to expose him and Nakamura to the police and class, but didn’t ) who asks him to meet her in town, because she wanted to know more about Nakao, there she confesses that even though she hates him , she resents having been left behind in the town …, and also she drops the bomb, that we all have been waiting for, Nakamura’s location ! , now will get to see if Kasuga has really changed .

Yuureitou chp.31 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

Interesting chapter ,Tetsuo is forced to smoke opium to make him addicted so he can have no choice but to stay in the village, however i looks like he was already used to smoke, Tetsuo sure has a lot of skeletons in his closet . Also someone releases the water in the dam which destroys the poppy field , everyone thinks that Manji did it so the villagers would be forced to abandon the village , but four days later he is found stabbed to death.

Shimauma chp.4.2-4.3 online reader by Banchou

This chapter was both hilarious and tragic , Dora goes through some realisations, just when he thought he had everything under control , that he is on top of the world and a really bad calculated motherfucker, he realises that he still has boundaries, I guess that in his head he thought himself a bit like a vigilante , punishing “the bad people “ for their bad deeds. Now he comes face to face with the real test , he’ll have to take care of his former girlfriend Aya.

Nana to Kaoru chp.99 download by  Futari wa Pretty Anon  — new arc


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