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now that the world isn’t ending

Sweet Poolside ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Utopia & Kami Scans

A shy boy meets a girl in the middle school swimming club. The girl with a certain aesthetics problem will seek his help. Yup is a manga about shaving hair …


Wallman chp.4 online reader by Japanzai

The group gets their fist job , to liquidate 7 yakuza .

Dorohedoro chp.119 online reader by Fallen Syndicate

Kaiman and Nikaido are still are roaming  the “ department store “ looking for food ,and on the way Nikaido decides to tell him the truth about all that happened in the past year, even thought she still has doubts about who he is. Meanwhile the devils are making their way to “him”  to see his transformation into a devil.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan chp.3 online reader by Manga Stream

Gokusai chp.2 online reader by Mangalism

The details in this manga are amazing , you can really see that the author is giving it his all . When Jou said he’s a struggling artist , i had no idea he was living in a bus .

Choukakou chp.25 online reader by Aizen-sensei

While Ashina Sun and the old advisor try to understand what happened and where the princess is , Le Changge is adjusting to her life with the women

Btooom!  chp.60 online reader by S2Scans

The group work the final details of the plan with Date-san , and start going to the beach where the pick up is supposed to take place. When the helicopters land they attack the soldiers with the bim’s , and all this is transmitted live on global television.

Tokyo Kushu chp.15 online reader by Twisted Hel Scans

I have mixed feelings about this chapter, i don’t know if i should feel pity for the ghoul mother even though she displayed such human motherly instincts and protected her daughter, she was still a ghoul who ate humans.

Azumi chp.8 online reader by HappyScans! & Guren no Heya Kara

Azumi meets Ryuutaro who questions her about her motives, unfortunately he also brings a friend with him who tries to kill Azumi and she is forced to defend herself and kill him.

Immortal Hounds chp.2 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Business as usual in this chapter , the police are killing people with no hesitation even when they ask for mercy.

Able chp.7 online reader by KIKE

Kakuriyo Monogatari chp.3-4 online reader by Twin Dragons Scans

AfterSchool War Activities chp.19 online reader by Supreme Cream Scanlations

The cells attack in full force,and force the soldier to evacuate the school, also there’s another two casualties among the students.


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