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It’s so hot , it goes beyond words.

New manga called Able, i don’t know much about it since it’s got only 8 pages, but from what i see it’s pretty interesting, i loved the shooting scene.

Able (new) chp.1 online reader by Kiss Scans

Arizona State, Cameron – 1:23 P.M. While two men meet, a gunfight suddenly happens between them. One of them stays alive, then leaves. A woman breaks free from the trunk of the car she’d been left in and picks up the revolver that had been dropped and…


Ajin chp.3 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs & Psylocke Scans

More chasing in this episode , it seems that a lot of people are willing to risk their life’s to capture an “ajin”. A misterious group appears which is appears to be an organization that fights for the ajin, not much is told about them , but it appears that the two investigators are afraid of them.

Vinland Saga chp.95 online reader by 4chan

I don’t know what’s going on into Thorfin’s mind , trying to apeal to Canute’s is in my opinion suicide. Well until that he has to pass through the guards, who made a bet , if he can take 100 punches he can pass, hope it’s worth it.

Jin chp.28 online reader by Easy Going Scans

Apparently curing the prostitute is going to get Minata sensei into a lot of trouble , it’s hinted in the first page that the prostitute will die . Even after the operation he tells himself that the chance for relapse is very big and the operation is probably just delay of her death.

Ousama Game chp. online reader by Arrow


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