Gantz Ends

13 years gone by and the larger then life adventure named Gantz ends, after three arcs and numerous adversaries defeated as well as a countless number of friends and regular people killed , there are still important unanswered questions left .It is revealed that it was a highly advanced alien species who provided mankind with the means to defend itself against the invaders, for reasons they insist to not reveal. So who build Gantz on Earth, who was the man inside the sphere ,and more importantly if this was just a test for the humans who will have to fight against the alien invasion , why all this powerful people who proved they can fight but died against the overwhelming odds , like Kurono Kei did, did not get resurrected back for the final fight, what was the point. if not for training ?

The end is bitter sweet , it feels rushed , it’s done in one chapter , our heroes defeat the aliens and manage to get back and collapse in the hands of their loved ones . All the other people that died aren’t brought back .

Well it appears that the author Hiroya Oku will release another story called “The origin of Gantz” which hopefully will solve some of the mystries .

It was a good read , in spite of some of it’s flaws and I remember eagerly awaiting for each of it’s releases . It will be missed.


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