Saturday Updates

Saturday’s here and there are some nice updates of my favourite mangas .

Otoyomegatari chp.30 online reader by Duralumin

“This is simply the calm before the storm” .The death of the Hagal bride , means that the Hagal must leave the Numaji lands and with winter coming without pasture their flocks would perish and so will they. So they make an alliance with the Russian backed Batan to retake the young bride trough force .


Vinland Saga chp.94 online reader by 4chan

Canute is being “merciful” and sends a message to the Thorghil’s to surrender, witch is accepted by the young master although that will mean that they will lose everything . Meanwhile Thorfinn having almost escaped, has a change of mind and decides to return , probably to save the old master .

Himizu chp.28 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

The homeless guy gets a lucky break and he is hired at the boat shop by our hero witch will be able to roam the city more freely without having to worry about the shop , however he seems more and more haunted by his own demons.


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