Le Monday



Yami no Naka no Crown ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Fallen Syndicate

The citizens carry two things from the time that they are born: "Life’s Light and Light’s Vessel", lots of people store energy from their Life’s Light in a Light Vessel. In everyday life people use it to assist them in doing various tasks, such as cutting wood, and exceptionally rare are those who posses a Life’s Light for battle purposes.

Zelphy of the Aion ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Vortex-Scans   wut the duck

Reesha was once a prince of a powerful dynasty, but after the end of a war, his home is no more. In the the first three years of Reesha’s new life, he went to school with some of his family’s former subjects, now his friends. However, after they graduated, they all joined the military. Reesha’s small size, due to his artificial heart, has prevented his acceptance into the military for three years running. Now, 19-year-old Reesha is living as an ordinary plumber in a town of hot springs. In order to help Reesha get around the size requirement, he and his military friends sneak into a bathhouse to appeal to the general directly. Unfortunately, this plan results in a series of unexpected, violent events which cause Reesha to finally depart his everyday life and head off to chase his destiny!



Hourou Musuko chp.120-121 online reader by Hourou Musume   Kyaaaa !!!


Sekitou Elegy chp.45 online reader by Blue Flor & Village Idiot


Yuureitou chp.24 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs


Gantz chp.382 online reader  – 1 more chapter to go


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