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Manga Updates 24 July 2022

Oboreru Knife CHP. 46 >> online reader << by Shoujohearts ; Evil Flowers

Sousei no Taiga CHP. 73 >> online reader << by Talentless Scanlators ; Hunlight Scans

River End Cafe CHP. 44-45 >> online reader << by Midnight Children

Babel II: The Returner CHP.5 >> Online reader << by Hokuto no Gun ; HappyScans!

Gekikou Kamen CHP.10 >> online reader << by Dumbnut

Hirayasumi CHP. 30 -31 >> online reader << by Tsubame Club

Under Ninja CHP. 11.1 >> online reader <<

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Savanna CHP. 1- 6 >> online reader << >> DDL <<

by Taniguchi Scanlations

Part of the “Myths and Legends” series, depicts the endless life of human beings since ancient times on a grand scale without a single line of dialogue.
In the primitive times, when man did not even have language, a woman wanders in the savanna, between the jungle and desert. She expresses all her emotions with her whole body and lives in the world of the weak and the strong, creates two mud dolls. However, she is killed by a hunter who stabs her with a spear, and the mud dolls, bathed in her blood, transform into two infants…

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Witch Hat Atelier

Witch Hat Atelier CHP. 157 >> online reader <<

by Ramsus-kun ; #dropout

Coco is a kind and daydreaming daughter of a dressmaker who aspires to become a witch; however because only innate magical users can practice and use magic, she has to give up on her dream. One day she meets a male witch named Qifrey and after she witnesses how he uses magic (by drawing magical runes and using magical ink), Coco accidentally casts a spell that turns her mother to stone.

As Coco does not know which magic spell she cast and Qifrey is tracking the sinister coven that could be behind the incident, he takes Coco as his apprentice in order to undo the spell and allow her to fulfill her dream. As it is gradually revealed, the coven in question—the Brimmed Caps—have taken an extraordinary interest in Coco, hoping that she will help them revive the free use of magic, which was outlawed because of the atrocities committed with it in past times, with some of their repercussions still enduring in Coco’s world. Because rune magic can be effectively made by everyone, the Assembly carefully watches over any abuse of it, even going as so far as to erase the memories of any uninitiated (called “Outsiders”) when they discover this secret. Thus, as Coco immerses herself into this new, wondrous world, a sinister plot begins to thicken around her.

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Manga Updates – July 10

River End Cafe CHP. 42-43 >> online reader << by Midnight Children

Berserk CHP. 367 >> online reader << by Evil Genius

Gekikou Kamen CHP. 9 >> online reader << by Dumbnut

Flying Witch CHP. 68 >> online reader << by aumakua

Mysteries, Maidens, and Mysterious Disappearances CHP. 40 -43

>> online reader << by Big Chungus Scans


I’m Still Alive…

Mada, Ikiteru chp. 1 >> online reader << by HappyScans! & Hokuto no Gun

One of the Greatest Manga I’ve ever read !

“Kenzo okada, 60 years old, is a tired man : fired a day before retiring, after a life devoted to his work as a salaryman, he finds out that his wife and his kids have left him and emptied his bank account.
Without any family, money or job, he realizes that all his hard work was worthless and decides to take the train and retire in his home village to hang himself. Unfortunately, the branch that he chose to hang himself breaks. After being on the verge of death, he decides to live the rest of his life as an hermit in the mountain, miles away from the metropolis of Tokyo, far from all the daily worries of this new corrupt Japanese society that is emerging with globalization and the economic crisis.
Quickly, his life will take another turn when he finds a woman who tried to commit suicide and failed the same way as him and will convince her that life is worth living .This saved life imposes new responsibilities upon him and will take care of her as a father would.

“I’m…I’m not dead…and even so… the sun…would still rise. In this world, death spares no one, but I am still alive. All right…I will go to the end of the way.”

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Witches ( Igarashi Daisuke )

Witches chp. 15.5 >> online reader << by Mangascreener

A wildly imaginitive trek into the deepest realms of human beliefs and the mysteries of the universe. Daisuke Igarashi’s amazing pen can recreate anything he can imagine on paper, resulting in beautifully chaotic, maddeningly detailed scrawls of pure wonder. A true celebration of the human imagination. When deep emotions come to the head, the witch that dwells in the heart awakens – the gorgeous and literary illusory tales begin.

Majo won the Excellence Prize in the Manga Division at Japan Media Arts Festival in 2004.

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Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy chp. 118 >> online reader << by ainikki

Loose adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo. After the war, robots were creatures mass-produced as labor that, now, overflowed the city. Some were on the street and some in the back society, creating bonds with the citizens. One night, a girl who is neither human nor robot appears in front of a Yakuza creature that had seized the orphan Doro. The girl, wearing beast’s fur, attacks the creature reveling extremely strong weapons attached on her limbs. Who is she? What is she fighting for?

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Nippon Mukashibanashi

Nippon Mukashibanashi chp.1-11 >> online reader << by Taniguchi Scanlations

Collection of short stories based on Japanese folktales.

1. Shitakiri Suzume (舌切り雀)
2. Urashima Tarou (浦島太郎)
3. Kachi-kachi Yama (カチカチ山)
4. Issunboushi (一寸法師)
5. Hanasaka Jijii (花咲か爺)
6. Uriko-hime (瓜子姫)
7. Momotarou (桃太郎)
8. Kobutori Jijii (コブとり爺)
9. Saru Kani Gassen (猿蟹合戦)
10. Kaguya-hime (かぐや姫)
11. Nippon Miraibanashi (ニッポン未来話)